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Invisalign office guide

Based on our experience so far, we have created a clinical manual that condenses that know-how. ​

I aimed to"Simple medical treatment that anyone can do without fail"To realize

Explains the necessary procedures for each medical treatment step with images.

By collecting only important clinical points, it was finished in an easy-to-understand and simple manner.

Just prepare one book by the chairside, and you can solve what you don't understand on the spot.

By eliminating anxiety and hesitation about treatment, the clinic will establish a clinical flow,

We will be able to provide a stable and high-level treatment.

Use this handbook to help you take the first step and pave the way forward.

A little introduction to the procedure of the clinic

​ Getting started

  "Do you understand the flow of medical care?"

  "How do you do that procedure?"

  "What should I start with?"

  Collected points for every step

​   the most gentle visual guide

  Important information stripped from  

  summarized on page 30

Check the content and put it into practice immediately

  ❶ What is Invisalign treatment?

  ❷ Obtaining materials

  ❸Aligner set

  ❹ Attachments


  ❻Use of elastic rubber

  In all items,

  Preparations ➡ Procedure ➡ Tips to avoid failure

  It's clear what to do

​a treatment that does not fail

Not learning how to recover

Invisalign is built up one by one, and if you make a mistake, it will affect the rest.

small to black diamond

We have condensed our 15 years of experience and know-how, which has seen organizations up to status, and points to prevent mistakes that beginners tend to fall into.

medical procedure

The invisalign diagnostic procedure has a great impact on the treatment outcome, so it must be performed precisely and accurately.

Even if you think you understand, let's reconfirm whether you understand the meaning of the procedure firmly and actually do it

Furthermore, let's aim to improve the efficiency of medical care by reducing the burden on patients with a simple process.

invisalign office guide

invisalign office guide

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